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Ilario Branca was born in Bari, Southern Italy. Ilario studied interior design at the "IDEAcademy" in Bari, the main focus of this university is in creative design, and he achieved an Academic Degree in Interior Design in 2013. During the course of his studies, Ilario learned how to make use of photography and 3D pictures and fine tuned his skills in this aspect which helped him to expand his field of work.
Ilario Branca has designed award winning housewares - see "Tool" which won the "Suspended" Formabilio contest in 2013.
This is something Ilario is very proud of, as it showcases his passion for fine detailing and finish.
Ilario Branca is an accomplished Italian designer, who works on a freelance basis with the brand bRANCAdESIGN. Ilario has worked in several fields of design, including interior and contract design, product design, and rendering in 3D.

  • BrancaDesign
  • Interior Design

    Intelligent, organised and realistic living spaces.
    Ilario is focused on making his interior design projects fit for purpose, adaptable and appropriate for their function, whilst also introducing new and dynamic options and ideas to the space he is working on. Custom-made "projectual ideas".

    Contract Design

    User friendly ideas and suggestions will ensure your project’s success.
    Ideas and installations offer style, vibrancy and functionality for commercial environments. Provision and maintenance of interior decoration, furniture and both technical and functional features of public spaces.

    Product Design

    Shape, Material and Colour are important details of any product design.
    Ilario has extensive experience of product design, which include ergonomics, material selection, production, identifying and prioritising requirements as well as excellent knowledge of marketing strategies.

    Rendering 3D

    Vision & Imagination become reality.
    3d rendering is used to create three-dimensional models and images of each design.
    3D rendering in very important in the design phase as it provides a realistic simulation of the project and allows critique and feedback.


    • Photoshop
    • Autocad
    • Indesign
    • Rhinoceros
    • Illustrator
    • 3DS Max
    • Photomatix
    • Vray


    Tool - the winner of this competition is Ilario Branca, a young designer from Bari, in southern Italy.

    02 / 08 / 2013 - barilive.it - by Maria Teresa Alicino



    Oolivoo Taranto: tomorrow the launch of third restaurant. Ribbon cutting ceremony with The singer Al Bano.

    27 / 03 / 2013 - ilpaesenuovo.it - a cura di Pino Montinaro




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    Name and Surname : Ilario Branca

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    Tel: 340 62 87 838

    Country: Italy